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With a clear trend at airports globally towards automating processes, the need for innovative ideas that benifit Regional Airports have been sort since the introduction of Federal Regulations that secured the airports airside/landside barrier.

Regional airports and pilots have been waiting for a GA gate management system that will work well for both. Now an innovative nationwide solution delivering greater security, efficiency and flexibilityis ready to take off.


Delivering a smooth passage through the GA gate, both IN and OUT, whilst maintaining the airports secure barrier's integrity

Now someone is doing something about it

Introducing MY-G8

MY-G8 is in the hanger being put together.


Using Smart device technology, that gives users that power in the hand. The solution technology provides the means for secure ease of access through any designated General Aviation gate (GA) gate where ever a MY-G8 gate is installed, nationwide.


No codes, no callouts, no attending, no frustration, no compromise. Simple 24/7 controlled egress and access, no sweat.

Calling all airports and pilots, you want life a little easier, get on board. Register you interest and be the first to see this get airborne.


Inaugural lift off planned for June 2017, and you don’t want to miss this flight. 

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